Looking to Buy your Dream Home ? What’s like living in a home.

An apartment or a bungalow, a 20 by 30 area or the plastic canopied scaffolding of a chawl is someone’s very intimate , very own world having life and feelings . In fact a home is an exact replica of ourselves. Remember pointing a corner of your home and saying to your beloved “ I studied on my table in that corner”, looking at the room and saying the bed laid there , the wardrobe here, I hid behind the wardrobe when playing hide and seek. Oh! Those fantastic memories and feelings, can’t even pay and get them back. But these are still alive in our memories and places associated with them and one of the most important place is HOME, SWEET HOME!

Initially we design our home as per our like, but then it is our home which designs our feelings and behavior . While stuck in the traffic owing to heavy rain we so desire to reach home and sit within the comforts of the sofa in the balcony and relishing on the hot coffee. And when we recall rains in summer , this same image of I sitting the balcony flashes into mind. Now, hasn’t my home become my own selves identity. Isn’t this why everyone on this planet earth craves for “Ek Ghar Ho Sapno Ka”.
This very clearly defines why the legendary Mr. Dev Anand sang “ Ek ghar banaunga tere ghar ke samne .We get the very sweet idea that the hero wanted to cherish his sweet home memories with his sweet pea from this song.

So this is what living in a home is like, it is the heavenly abode of we humans, where we spend our only gifted life over this entire planet. This is the significance of home and the reason why we crave for it.
We at Propertyfete.com helping you to get your sweet home were you are going to spend your best gifted life with your loved once. “Property that brings Happiness”

By Sonia Gupta.

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